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Indoor stainless steel pool IMAGINOX for a family house

Indoor stainless steel pool IMAGINOX for a family house

We would like to introduce the luxurious IMAGINOX stainless steel pool, which we have implemented for a family house in the Jindřichův Hradec region (Czech Republic). It is a deck level pool, which is overflowing along the entire length of the perimeter and located inside a family house. Among other things, the client had an automatic laminate cover, cantilevered stairs and gargoyles equipped.

The stainless steel pool is more than 9 meters long and over 3.3 meters wide. With a depth of 1.35 meters, it allows adults to swim comfortably and can also be used by children. Especially if the pool is equipped with a two-jet counter-current.

We can either manufacture the pools and bring them directly to the place where they are installed, or we weld them on site at the client’s site. And that was the case with this realization.

The safety of movement and entry to the stainless steel pool is ensured by circular anti-slip studs on the stairs and bottom. The client chose a staircase cantilevered into 4 steps. The dominant feature of this stainless steel pool is the Cobra water spout.

Pool roofing also has many advantages in the interior design. The client chose an automatic lamella cover made of high-quality pressed PVC gray color for his pool. The cover is located in the bottom of the pool. The great advantage of indoor covers is primarily significantly lower water evaporation. So the client saves on pool heating!

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The automatic roller shutter is tasteful and fits nicely into a modern interior complemented by greenery and a relaxation zone. This type of pool cover is the most popular among our customers. The advantage of this roller shutter is also easy installation and space-saving. Take a look at our range of IMAGINOX stainless steel pools.