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IMAGINOX stainless steel pool with paddling pool for children

IMAGINOX stainless steel pool with paddling pool for children

In today’s realization, we would like to introduce you to the IMAGINOX stainless steel skimmer pool. It is a swimming pool that is enriched with a paddling pool for the little ones.

The pool is 7 meters long, while in the first part 2 meters long there is a paddling pool with a depth of 40 cm with a stainless steel railing. Even small children can have fun and parents don’t have to worry about anything. The primary consideration is the safety of young children.

The pool includes a round non-slip stud covering the bottom and stairs. The client chose straight stairs with a width of 120 cm up to 5 steps, while the 1st step is in the entire width of the pool wall right next to the paddling pool. On the opposite side of the pool, at the client’s request, there was a handrail for exercising for adults.

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It is also worth mentioning the automatic lamella pool cover made of high-quality PVC gray. This is a popular type of indoor outdoor pool cover. The pool cover is located at the bottom of the pool in the shaft. Take a look at our range of IMAGINOX stainless steel pools.