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Beautiful Finnish sauna TAO Trust

Beautiful Finnish sauna TAO Trust

The TAO Trust Finnish sauna is a premium sauna with a modern design, the highest quality and attention to detail. A client from Prague requested an indoor sandwich-type sauna with a glass door made of safety glass for his project. The sauna is self-supporting, thermally insulated with internal cotton wool and with internal lining made of Hemlock panels.

The benches are located on two height levels arranged in the letter L, towards the glazing ending with full sides. The benches are reinforced with Abachi softwood slats. The width of the bench is 70 cm in the upper level and 60/50 cm in the lower level.

In addition, the client ordered a boarding stool and 2 pieces of headrest. The sauna is equipped with electric underbench heating, Trust backrests and lighting that beautifully complements the atmosphere. It is an ambient illumination of the heating vent together with indirect backlighting of the backrests with a white LED strip that shines downwards or upwards.

The structure of the Finnish sauna is made of sandwich panels. On the outside, the sauna is lined with a waterproof board with a thickness of 8 mm. The boards are moisture-resistant and connected to each other using a tongue-and-groove system.

It is a high-quality natural thermal insulation with a thick vapor barrier film. The base frame is in dark grey. The ceiling of the finnish sauna is flat and thermally insulated. The front wall is partially glazed and 40 cm wide. The left side wall is all-glass. The entrance door has a vertical Trust C design handle.


What about accessories? The Trust set includes an hourglass, a thermometer, a bucket with a scoop for pouring water on stones and a TAO aroma set. Are you interested in a similar or even the same sauna? Contact us.