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With sauna TAO under the starry sky

With sauna TAO under the starry sky

This sauna from our new supplier, Czech company TAO is part of a private relaxation zone in a family villa in Ústí nad Orlicí. The room given over healthy rest stands out for its impressive atmosphere, thanks to its lighting. Including the starry sky. See with us what small family wellness can look like.

The TAO sauna in the TRUST model is the focal point of the entire space. The tone and atmosphere are set by the lighting of the aquarium and the starry sky located atypically on the ceiling of the room, not the sauna. Together with the marble cladding, they create a clean, minimalist space, contrasting with the wooden material of the heated sauna. The underbench INVISIO MIDI heater takes care of the temperature in it. On the side of the sauna, there is a stainless-steel shower, which is used by the owners to cool down after a stay in the sauna.

The saunas of the Czech company TAO are characterized by an emphasis on precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. This sauna is 1.8 x 2.46 x 1.6 m in size. The interior cladding consists of Hemlock wood panels, the exterior so-called Aquapanel in the look of marble, which links the sauna to the wall cladding in the room. The doors are fully glazed in a clear version with rounded TAO handles in wood and stainless steel. The client chose sauna benches made of Abachi wood. The overall appearance of the sauna is enhanced by TAO designer accessories.

For each TAO sauna model, it is possible to choose a set of TAO accessories adapted to its design. For the TRUST sauna, the client chose a designer black bucket with a scoop, two bolsters, a thermometer, and an hourglass in a bright design. In addition, a set of TAO sauna textiles for a couple. Would you like to have small private wellness at home? Contact us and we will implement it for you according to your needs.