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TAO outdoor sauna in the family garden

TAO outdoor sauna in the family garden

The offer of the Czech sauna manufacturer TAO also includes popular sauna houses. A house with an outdoor sauna is an ideal addition to private gardens. In today’s reference, we will introduce you to the TAO outdoor sauna, which we implemented this year for the family garden of a private client.

The sauna house consists of an entrance hall with a sitting area and the sauna itself. Two walls are glazed, both the walls of the vestibule and the wall of the sauna cabin, from where the owner can enjoy the view of his own garden during the sauna. We implemented a sauna in the TRUST model into the space of the house. The sauna with dimensions of 250 x 220 x 216 impresses at first glance with its combination of wood and horizontal cladding.

Thermo Abachi wood was used for the walls and ceiling, which are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, the dark color of the wood contrasts well with the armrests and benches, which are made of soft light Abachi wood. The benches in the sauna are arranged in an L shape and supplemented with a step stool in the TRUST model. In the sauna, we also find headrests, a bucket with a scoop and other accessories from the TAO TRUST series.

The heat in the sauna is provided by the MYTHOS sauna stove in black with loose stones and elegant wooden handle also made of light wood. Stoves and other sauna accessories are proof of the importance TAO places on the design of its products and the overall appearance of the sauna, in which every detail fits into a unified concept. Do you also want a designer sauna for your garden or interior? Contact us or visit one of our showrooms and see for yourself the quality of TAO saunas.