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Glass private sauna TAO with premium equipment from the CONTI range

Glass private sauna TAO with premium equipment from the CONTI range

This private sauna TAO CONTI is located in a family house in Trutnov. The sauna was created in a space with a large corner window and has a glass entrance section. Thanks to this, it stands out with the premium equipment from the CONTI range, and the sauna creates an airy and illuminated impression.

The CONTI range represents a premium model range of TAO saunas with sophisticated design, from the shape of the benches and stepping stool to the appearance of sauna accessories. In this case, the client chose sauna accessories in black design. These include a thermometer, a black hourglass with white sand, and a designed sauna bucket CONTI.

The CONTI sauna cabin with dimensions of 2.3 x 2.05 x 2.26 m was tailored to fit the space. The walls are covered with grooved thermo spruce, and the benches on two levels are made of soft abachi wood. The upper one is complemented by backrests and finished with a stylish full side towards the glass. Due to its design, the freestanding MYTHOS sauna stove with olivine stones is an excellent choice for glass cabins.

Osvětlení saunové kabiny TAO

Although the sauna is mostly made of glass, the external windows can be covered with blinds for more privacy. The atmosphere during sauna sessions is enhanced by the lighting of the bench backrests and wall lights with a warm tone, highlighting the texture of the cladding wood. Would you also like to have a premium TAO sauna in your home wellness? Contact us, and we will be happy to create a customized sauna cabin according to your preferences.