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Premium wellness at the Aldrov Resort in the Krkonoše Mountains

Premium wellness at the Aldrov Resort in the Krkonoše Mountains

In today’s article, we will take a look at the hotel wellness of the recently opened Aldrov Mountain Resort in Vítkovice in the Krkonoše Mountains. This beautiful wellness with a relaxation zone offers views of the Krkonoše panorama and provides a peaceful retreat for tourists and skiers from the surrounding area. The wellness zone implemented by us offers a swimming pool and other stainless-steel wellness products by IMAGINOX, as well as premium TAO designer saunas.

The wellness zone is located on two floors. In the upper part, we can find two large commercial TAO saunas. The more spacious one, the TAO TRUST Finnish sauna with dimensions of 4.3 x 5.3 m, is suitable for group sauna rituals due to its size. The cabin is arranged like a compartment, with opposing benches on three levels. The benches are made of soft thermo abachi wood and have impressive ambient lighting. Brushed thermospruce was chosen for the wall and ceiling cladding.

Both sauna cabins have glass entrance sections and have been adapted to the building’s windows. The second one, the TAO TRUST bio sauna with dimensions of 4.3 x 2.5 m, has benches with lighting at two levels. The benches and interior cladding are made of soft spruce wood. The bio sauna has free-standing stoves with bowls for herbal aromatherapy, combined with an under-bench heating system and an external steam generator.

Wellness visitors can also enjoy a steam bath in a spacious designer steam cabin. The impressive stone cladding of the walls and the dark heated benches are in shades of gray, as is the steam generator cover. The cabin is 2.4 x 2 m in size and is equipped with spotlights, steam exhaust lighting, and LED lighting on the front edge of the benches. For the sauna zone, we also created a designer rectangular Kneipp path with colored LED lighting.

In the more remote part of the upper floor, there is a Privat Spa – wellness zone with whirlpools and sauna cabins for private rental. Two smaller Finnish saunas with dimensions of 2.4 x 2.1 m have also been adapted to the space. They have glass entrance sections and have been adapted to the windows of corner rooms. The cladding is made of vertically placed cedar wood. The L-shaped benches are made of abachi wood.

On the ground floor of the wellness zone, you can find the IMAGINOX stainless-steel swimming pool with the CULUS whirlpool. The IMAGINOX pool, with dimensions of 12.1 x 5.9 m and a depth of 1.35 m, overflows from three sides, while the fourth side is connected to the sandstone-clad room wall and a waterfall. The pool entrance is a straight staircase one meter wide, equipped with a custom-made stainless-steel railing. The pool is equipped with eight Wibre LED RGB lights and an automatic roller shutter cover.

The IMAGINOX CULUS whirlpool has an internal diameter of 2.5m and features hydromassage seats for five people. In addition to the hydromassage, it also includes a tube bench with air massage and two pieces of colorful Wibre LED lighting. We have also added an exotic kambala wood cooling bucket, a Ziegra ice maker with a stainless-steel container, and massage beds for the hotel wellness area. Comprehensive realization of wellness projects is our specialty. Contact us and let us plan and execute your project.