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Luxury wellness in the Kovárna resort

Luxury wellness in the Kovárna resort

At first glance an inconspicuous historic rural building – the Kovárna resort you can find in the village of Frýdštejn in Bohemia. However, first appearances are deceiving, inside the resort hides a pleasant surprise in a similarly luxurious accommodation facility with an excellent restaurant and premium modern wellness. And it was our task to implement this atypical wellness.

Wellness Kovárna attracts at first sight with its original design, which combines the rawness of natural materials with the delicacy of flowers and colorful lighting, giving the entire space a unique atmosphere. The IMAGINOX circular stainless-steel whirlpool also uses RED RGB lighting. The overflow whirlpool with a diameter of 1.6 meters is 1 m deep and has a tube bench with pearl massage that creates a seating area for 3 people. Furthermore, the whirlpool is equipped with 16 hydromassage jets aimed at massaging the body and 6 jets pointed at the feet.

An important piece of equipment without which public wellness cannot be imagined is a sauna. The advantage of this sauna from the German manufacturer KLAFS is not only its attractive appearance but also the MAJUS stove equipped with the SANARIUM function. The SANARIUM function allows wellness visitors to choose between a traditional Finnish sauna or a combined bio sauna, accompanied by herbal aromatherapy. The sauna is 2.5 x 1.9 m in size, and its layout and dimensions have been adapted to the size of the space. The unique appearance of the sauna was achieved with attractive cladding made of solid wood and colorful lighting, which also warms the space emotionally.

For those who are not comfortable with a Finnish sauna, the wellness center also has a steam cabin. The KLAFS steam cabin with stone wall cladding and a 1.5 x 1.5 m mosaic bench is just right for a couple. The effect of the steam bath is enhanced by the addition of fragrant essences that help to relax the airways and indulge in a more intense relaxation experience.

Cooling down after a steam bath, and especially after a Finnish sauna, is provided by the sunken stainless steel cooling pool IMAGINOX. The circular overflow pool with an ingenious staircase measures 1.6 m in diameter and is equipped with LED RGB lighting on the individual steps. Each step is wide enough to divide the pool into several depth levels and create a seating area.

The Kneipp walkway is also used to alternate heating and cooling procedures. For the wellness Kovárna, we supplied a stainless-steel Kneipp walkway with four pools and a total length of 2.7 m. The IMAGINOX walkway was custom-made together with the structure that connects it to the cooling pool and was attached to the wall with a railing and a plastic design pattern.

Wellness is adapted to longer private stays, in addition to our products you will find a bedroom with a bed, a bar, or a sitting area with a designer fireplace. In the center of the space itself is an experience shower with chromotherapy. In addition to the flow of water, it also uses the flow of colored light, which is one of the stimuli that stimulate our mental mood.

The experience shower hides one more unexpected surprise. You ask which one? Visit the Kovárna resort and experience not only the surprise but above all our premium wellness products personally. Or order our free catalog for more inspiration.