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Stainless steel cooling pool IMAGINOX

Stainless steel cooling pool IMAGINOX

For a client from the Central Bohemian Region, we manufactured and installed a stainless steel cooling pool IMAGINOX designed for hardening after a sauna. Our project engineers had to cope with the small and narrow space where the pool needed to be placed.

It was the construction of a stainless steel pool in a concrete tub. The pool is 2.6 meters long, 0.876 meters wide and 1.4 meters deep. The bottom is studded so that visitors to the pool do not slip, while the studs have a round shape. Round studding is a popular choice of our clients.

The staircase to the pool is straight across its entire width, while the water is descended by five steps with a tread width of 25 cm. The cooling pool is in a skimmer variant and has its filtration, water chemistry and cooling. The circulation nozzle is located at the bottom and is used for the inflow of fresh water. Drainage is carried out by means of a bottom gully.

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Water treatment is provided by automatic filtration with a pump. The client also wished for a handrail on the wall of the staircase as an accessory for a safer descent. Are you interested in this project? Let us know what your ideas are.