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Glass stainless-steel pool in the Central Bohemia region!

Glass stainless-steel pool in the Central Bohemia region!

The stainless-steel swimming pool of the Czech producer IMAGINOX is exceptional mainly because of its cleverly designed overflow system. It is spread over less than three walls with the fact that on one side the water flows over the glass wall into a hidden overflow under the stones. When planning the implementation, the unevenness of the terrain had to be considered, which had to be overcome tastefully and technically correctly.

The stainless-steel pool with dimensions of 13 x 4 x 1.35 m is located at the family house in the Central Bohemia region. Distinctive elements of the project are an overflowing glass wall and partial stainless-steel cladding, which creates a mirror effect. Due to the unevenness of the garden, the client wanted to realize the project so that the pool was integrated into the slope on one side and freely accessible on the other, precisely because of the inserted glass plate.

The technology is practically located in a shaft under the terrace lining. The same “hidden” system is also used for the automatic solar lamella, which is built into the bottom of the pool. The overall appearance is additionally supported by a bracketed staircase and designer LED lighting, for which light strips were used just below the edges of the walls.

The clients had an adjacent terrace built for relaxing after swimming. A part of it they cleverly used as storage space – both for the mentioned pool technology and for the cooling box for example for drinks. The lid can be folded out from the edge near the stairs.

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