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Design family pool for a modern exterior

Design family pool for a modern exterior

Stainless steel pools of the Czech company IMAGINOX are a perfect design choice for the exterior of modern new buildings. Thanks to the quality of the material, long service life, and easy maintenance, they are not only visually attractive but also an ideal family pool. As in the case of this skimmer stainless steel swimming pool, which is part of the beautiful modernly designed garden of a family house in Jihlava.

The realization of this house is a proof of the passion with which the architect approaches his craft. The layout of the garden and the location of the rectangular swimming pool in it correspond to the modern building emphasizing the longitudinal lines. The IMAGINOX stainless steel skimmer pool perfectly complements the minimalist concept of modern architecture. In accordance with it is also the solution of entering the pool, namely the simplicity of the cantilevered staircase at its right corner.

The pool is 8.2 x 2.5 meters large and is equipped with LED lighting at the upper edges of the tub and countercurrent FLUVO C2 RONDO, allowing owners to swim. The pool equipment is complemented by a lamella cover with a roller shutter shaft seated in the wall of the pool body. If you are interested in the design of this realization and you share with us a love for modern design and architecture, follow our social networks for more inspiration.

Is a design pool – stainless steel, concrete, or laminate – what your modern interior or exterior lacks? Contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made project for you.