Sliding floor cover

The vertically sliding bottom represents a luxury pool roofing solution linking modern technology with timeless design. This is a sleek concealment system with absolutely no demands on the surrounding space. Contrarily, with its help you extend your terrace or interior, which is why the bottom is cladded just like the surrounding floor.

However, the sliding bottom system represents more than just pool covering. It allows you to set any pool depth you want right now — from a children's paddling pool to a recreational or swimming pool. The hydraulic system of the sliding bottom is hidden in the walls of the pool. When the bottom is lifted, water simply overflows underneath and the bottom completely covers the surface of the water, creating space for furniture and other accessories.


More detailed specifications of sliding floor cover

  • Can be adapted to any size,
    shape and type of pool
  • Arbitrary depth, not necessarily
    the same all over the pool/li>
  • Adapted to staircase levels
    or seating benches
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Movement provided by hydraulic system
  • Maximally safe,
    completely automated system
  • No possibility of manual handling
  • With raised bottom, zero contact
    with the water surface and creation of a barrier-free space
  • Possibility to link
    the system with a smart home and control it using a mobile app

Why choose the sliding floor cover?

Vertically sliding bottoms can be installed in a pool of any size, shape or type. It adapts to a wide range of architectural staircase solutions, allows you to create relaxing benches in the pool and does not restrict your choice of water accessories.

The sliding bottom is completely automated and it is safe and very easy to handle. Just press the button to set any depth in the pool. It takes only 1 minute to fully seal the bottom. You can connect the sliding bottom system to a smart home and control it from a mobile app.